Andy Cooper, PhD

Andy Cooper is recognized by clients as one of the top qualitative marketing researchers in the industry.

He has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing research supplier side experience, and has owned and operated PharmaSight Research LLC for 13 years. Previously, for ten years he helped grow Research by Design (now Adelphi Research) as vice president, where he managed research staff and directed hundreds of projects.

Andy's unique talents as a qualitative researcher are rooted in a clinical psychology background and extensive pharmaceutical industry experience.

As a moderator, Andy can: quickly and effortlessly establish rapport with respondents; probe deeply and unobtrusively to uncover key issues; and maneuver seamlessly throughout the interviewing process. He is flexible, adaptable and unflappable – attributes that enable him to meet the changing needs of marketing and business teams. He has experience in a wide range of disease states and product categories.

Andy is skilled at working with multiple stakeholders (marketing research, marketing, sales, regulatory, R&D, agency personnel, outside consultants, etc.), and offers genuine consulting support and strategic thinking to facilitate team decision-making and meet marketing and business objectives.

The key insights Andy can deliver will ensure that marketing and other key individuals on the team make critical business decisions with greater confidence.

Andy holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Temple University. Before establishing his marketing research career, Andy worked as a clinical psychologist in medical and management consulting settings. He was previously affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania psychotherapy research center. Andy is married and has two sons.