PharmaSight Research LLC is a boutique shop specializing in best-in-the-industry qualitative research.
We provide insights and strategic direction that help pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers develop
effective marketing solutions. We offer highly personalized service and attention to detail, while keeping
sight of the big picture and your budget.

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    We are Experienced.

    We have more than 20 years of helping pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers with their
    marketing and business challenges. We accomplish this through skillful design and
    execution of qualitative marketing research studies that provide key insights to facilitate
    high-impact decisions. Our moderating abilities are exceptional.

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    We are Adaptable.

    We understand that the information needs and marketing questions can change once
    a project is underway, or that what is learned early on can raise new and important
    issues that need to be addressed before the study is completed. We are adept at
    making any necessary mid-stream changes to meet your needs, and provide you with
    the right kind of information to make each project a success.

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    We are Strategic.

    We know the difference between reporting data and providing value.
    We have the knowledge and expertise to translate our research findings
    into thoughtful insights and actionable results that help marketers make informed
    and confident strategic decisions.